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By Tom Carter On Friday, the International Court of Justice issued an 86-paragraph written decision on the request for “provisional measures” in the pending case by the government of South Africa accusing Israel of committing genocide in Gaza in violation of the 1948 Genocide Convention. Employing restrained but nevertheless damning language, the judges wrote,

By Chris Marsden Israel’s Supreme Court has narrowly overturned the “reasonableness” amendment passed last July 14 by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s far-right government. This was nominally a political victory for last summer’s mass protest movement against Netanyahu’s efforts to remove minimal checks on his government by ending the Supreme Court’s power

By C.J.Atkins The leaked plans revealed it, the genocidal war on the ground demonstrated it, and now the words of a top government minister confirm it: Israel’s ultimate plan in this war is the permanent expulsion of the Palestinian people from Gaza. Bezalel Smotrich, finance minister in the cabinet of Prime Minister

By Sanjaya Jayasekera The Nepal Institute for International Cooperation and Engagement (NIICE), a Kathmandu based think-tank has joined the bandwagon of lies and slanders in rationalizing the Zionist genocide in Gaza against Palestinian people, and is sponsoring war mongers in its public platforms. On October 31, NIICE had invited former Prime Minister

By By Zane McNeill | TRUTHOUT Israeli Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi is promoting emergency regulations that would allow him to direct police to arrest civilians, remove them from their homes, or seize their property if he believes they have spread information that could “harm national morale” during Israel’s ongoing war against Palestinians in Gaza. These emergency