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In order to understand the dynamics and function of constitutionalism, one has to uncover its social and economic bases, and thus transcend the formal boundaries of the law. Legal theory needs to be enriched by sociological perspectives and enquiry.

Professor Yash Ghai (1938-)

theRepublic.lk aims at developing critical knowledge on concepts, principles and philosophies of public law from an interdisciplinary and internationalist approach.

It encourages its readers and contributors to engage in critical legal studies from a Class Approach to Jurisprudence and International law.

This website is based and registered in Sri Lanka and its principal place of business is in Colombo. 

Almost nothing has been achieved progressively towards broadening interdisciplinary and critical understanding and review of law in Sri Lanka, more than three decades from Ghai’s statement. theRepublic.lk endeavours to fundamentally break the traditional juridical and judicial shackles and free legal scholarship for the advancement of critical studies for developing emancipatory knowledge, in the interest of the People of Sri Lanka, South Asia and around the world.
theRepublic.lk maintains that critical legal scholarship could not develop without a dialectical understanding of history and philosophy, and the site therefore gives special significance to studies in humanities.
The Site owns copyright and responsibility to all opinions expressed in it by its staff and contributors. The Site also shares third party opinion pieces giving due credence to their authors and publishers, also with our dissenting views, where we take a different standpoint. Sharing doesn’t necessarily imply endorsement.  It also shares news from around the world, that would keep the legal community abreast of significant legal, geopolitical, political, economic and social developments internationally, which we hope will help broaden their perspectives.

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Sanjaya Wilson Jayasekera


The Editor of theRepublic.lk is Sanjaya Wilson Jayasekera (LL.B, LL.M), Attorney-at-Law, who is an academic, a legal practitioner, a journalist and an author. Email: editortherepubliclk@gmail.com